Belgrade Tourist Organization

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Belgrade Tourist Organization

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The Tourist Organization of Belgrade (TOB) is a public service of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, founded to conduct activities relating to development, preservation and protection of tourist values on the territory of Belgrade.

In promoting Belgrade as a tourist destination, the TOB, as a destination management organization, aggregates information on tourist services provided by hotels, restaurants, tourist agencies, souvenir manufacturers and artisans, manifestation organizers and all other professions that provide services for tourists visiting Belgrade.

Our mission is to promote Belgrade as an attractive tourist destination, preserve and develop tourist, cultural and business values and potentials of the city.

Our vision is for Belgrade to become a desirable tourist destination on the tourist map of Europe, a place visited and revisited with pleasure.

Our objectives are aligned with the Belgrade Tourism Development Strategy.

The TOB provides Belgrade visitors with tourist information, organizes sightseeing tours by bus and boat, walks with tourist guides, and assists with the organization of congresses and conferences.

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